Role: Editor, webinar organizer, social media campaign

Most companies claim to value social and environmental responsibility but fail to see it as a viable business strategy. This first webinar addressed the need for talented employees, how companies with TBL values can measure their success, distinguishing greenwashing, and what difference TBL makes to consumer behavior. Including Ryan Schuchard, Manager for Climate and Energy at BSR; Nick Aster, founder of; and Debbra A.K. Johnson, Global Marketing Manager for Sustainable Operations and Clean Technologies at DuPont.

Security and Transparency, Business and Social Media: For this second webinar, panelists included social media superstar Brian Solis, principal at Altimeter Group; Gary Spangler, Corporate eMarketing Manager at DuPont; and Regina Clark, Managing Director of CyberFactors. Discussion included the decision-making process for getting involved in social media, how to assess risk levels in corporate social media use, and key case studies.