B2B ebooks and thought leadership for business clients

Thought leadership content is an excellent option for businesses who want to provide their community with a long lasting, in-depth resource while showcasing their expertise.

An ebook, whitepaper, or consistent article series compliments long term editorial goals and can help promote an event such as a conference, new product launch, or speaking engagement.

How does this work?

Often, conducting an interview with the business leader is the best place to start. This way the information can be conveyed quickly, and then the writing can be done without taking up too much valuable time. There’s more to it than writing, though. Steps include:

  • Identify the audience and research what they are looking for
  • Develop the concept with a relevant hook or twist for a unique angle
  • Identify experts to interview, quote, or approach for distribution support
  • Create a marketing plan based on audience and available channels
  • Outline chapters and ensure all key points and messages are given appropriate weight
  • Write the piece in the voice of the expert
  • Edit for clarity of ideas, copyedits and formatting (web, mobile, PDF versions)
  • Put it all together with a designer
  • Promote it using previously defined marketing plan